Received some eQSL cards tru
I’m not demanding for their QSL cards when i am on the bands, but they are too kind for this.
Replied them with eQSL. Maybe they need my QSL card for a purpose.
One of the reason is they want to apply for a higher class license or to apply for a shorter callsign.
Or maybe they are just like to do shortwave listening.
Good luck to them.

My logbook are on, you need to login and search my callsign. Then you will see a logbook tab there. If you never try to work on CW, i think you better start it now. Most of them are positive thinker, they will motivating you to work more on CW mode. You will love it!, If you have lots of money, you can buy anything, from the high end transceiver to a highly build antenna. But you cant buy CW skills. You need to practice and you will gain the skill, i’m not a good CW operator, but i am pushing myself to master it. No pain no gain!


An amateur radio operator, military veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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