Are you an avid SOTA enthusiast or an APRS user looking for a new way to engage with the SOTA community? Enter SOTA2APRS, an experimental service that aims to connect SOTA-related activities with a broader audience while facilitating seamless tracking and support for activators and chasers alike.

What is SOTA2APRS?

SOTA2APRS serves multiple purposes within the SOTA community:

1. Increasing Awareness: By integrating SOTA activities with APRS, SOTA2APRS helps bring SOTA-related events and activations to a larger public. This increased visibility fosters engagement and participation from both seasoned SOTA enthusiasts and newcomers.

2. Tracking Activators: SOTA2APRS allows chasers to easily follow the progression of SOTA activators in real-time. Activators are spotted on APRS with their current location, frequency, and a dedicated SOTA APRS symbol. This feature enables chasers to efficiently track and support activators during their SOTA expeditions.

3. Facilitating Assistance: In the spirit of camaraderie, SOTA2APRS provides a platform for activators to receive assistance if needed. With their locations readily available on APRS, activators can be easily located by fellow SOTA enthusiasts, who can provide guidance, advice, or even join them on their ascent.

It’s important to note that SOTA2APRS is an experimental service that may be adjusted or discontinued depending on user feedback and evolving needs within the SOTA community.

Clarification: APRS2SOTA vs. SOTA2APRS

It’s crucial not to confuse SOTA2APRS with the gateway service APRS2SOTA, provided by Stewart G0LGS. APRS2SOTA enables APRS network users to post spots on the SOTAwatch system, fostering seamless communication between APRS and SOTA platforms. While APRS2SOTA focuses on spot posting, SOTA2APRS primarily focuses on visualizing SOTA activities on APRS maps and facilitating real-time tracking.


SOTA2APRS serves as a valuable bridge between the SOTA and APRS communities, enhancing the visibility and accessibility of SOTA activations. Whether you’re a dedicated SOTA chaser or an APRS enthusiast, SOTA2APRS opens up new avenues for collaboration, support, and engagement within the vibrant world of Summits on the Air.

Please note that SOTA2APRS is an experimental service that may undergo changes or discontinuation based on user feedback and evolving requirements. To learn more about SOTA2APRS and its current status, visit the official SOTA website and explore the APRSdirect “SOTA view” feature.

Let’s embrace the synergy between SOTA and APRS through SOTA2APRS and embark on exciting SOTA adventures like never before.

Note: SOTA2APRS is an experimental service, and its availability and functionality may vary. For more information, visit the official SOTA website at


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