Waves of Wonder

Through static and silence, a voice breaks through,
A call sign echoes, both familiar and new.
Fingers dance on keys, with practiced grace,
As signals traverse time and space.

Antennas reach high, kissing the sky,
Capturing whispers as they fly by.
From shack to shack, across land and sea,
Hams unite in radio harmony.

In times of peace, they chat and share,
When disaster strikes, they’re always there.
Emergency comms, when all else fails,
Amateur radio never derails.

DX hunters chase that elusive call,
While QRP ops make do with small.
CW devotees tap out their song,
Digital modes push technology along.

From satellites orbiting up above,
To local nets filled with ham radio love,
This hobby spans the world so wide,
With friendship and knowledge on every side.

So here’s to the hams, both old and new,
Exploring the spectrum, ever true.
In this world of bits and endless chatter,
Amateur radio will always matter.

73s to all, near and far,
May your signals be strong, wherever you are.



An amateur radio operator, military veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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