We are thrilled to announce and congratulate the newly elected committee members of the Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters’ Society (MARTS). The election took place during the MARTS Annual General Meeting held at the National Planetarium Malaysia on June 22, 2024. This marks an exciting new chapter for our amateur radio community in Malaysia.

The new MARTS committee is as follows:

President: 9M2IR
Vice President: 9M2PRO
Secretary: 9M2CQC
Assistant Secretary: 9M2AIS
Treasurer: 9W2PD
Assistant Treasurer: 9M8KIF
Council Members: 9M2AEK, 9W2BZU, and 9W2RUT

This diverse group of experienced radio amateurs brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to their new roles. Their collective expertise spans various aspects of amateur radio, from technical operations to community engagement.

As MARTS continues to play a crucial role in promoting amateur radio in Malaysia, we have high hopes for this new leadership team. Their combined skills and fresh perspectives will be invaluable in addressing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for our hobby.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the elected members and wish them the very best as they take on their new responsibilities. May their tenure be marked by innovation, growth, and a strengthened amateur radio community in Malaysia.

To the new committee: We look forward to seeing how you will guide MARTS into the future. Your dedication to amateur radio is commendable, and we’re excited to see the new initiatives and programs you’ll implement to foster the growth of our beloved hobby.

To all MARTS members: Let’s rally behind our new leadership and offer them our full support. Together, we can ensure that amateur radio in Malaysia continues to thrive and evolve.

Here’s to a bright future for MARTS and amateur radio in Malaysia!

73 and best of luck to the new MARTS committee!



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