Everything discussed here is in beta or experimental stages. There is no guarantee that these modifications will not cause damage or data corruption to the equipment used. Proceed at your own risk.

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NICSURE MOD: A Standalone Radio Firmware

The Nicsure modded firmware is designed exclusively for standalone radio use and should not be used with TIDSTATION. It has a custom menu system accessible by pressing the Menu (Blue) button to open the regular menu, followed by pressing PTT-A to open the custom menu.

Custom Menu Navigation:

  • Up/Down: Change the value of the current setting.
  • Menu (Blue): Advance to the next setting.
  • Cancel (Red): Exit the menu.

Nicsure mod is continually evolving with each release, offering users a customizable and experimental firmware experience.

TIDSTATION: Unifying Applications and Enhancing Functionality

TIDSTATION is an application designed to replace the three apps supplied by TIDRADIO, unifying them into a single app. This software allows real-time configuration changes (Live Mode), offering some remote functionality.

Key Features:

  • Live Mode: Enables real-time configuration changes.
  • Unlocking TX: From version 0.30b onwards, TIDSTATION can unlock transmission down to 18 MHz. However, it is crucial to note that the radio may not operate correctly outside its designed frequency capabilities. Users should not transmit on unauthorized frequencies.
  • Frequency Analysis: Users are encouraged to perform frequency analysis into a dummy load, especially on HF bands.

Firmware Modifications:
From version 0.34b onwards, additional firmware modifications include:

  • Modulation Override
  • S-Meter
  • Spectrum Scope
  • PTT (PC Side)

These features are experimental and require patched firmware. To enable these functions, users need to flash a patched firmware by selecting options under the “Patches” menu. Note that these patches are compatible only with the original firmware version 240530.

Extended Functions:

  • S-Meter: Displayed under the two VFOs, it should move as signals are received. The current design uses a repurposed progress bar but will be improved in future updates.
  • Modulation Override: Activated by clicking the “〜” symbol in the top right of the app window. This allows users to cycle through modulation modes (AM, USB, FM).

For more detailed information and updates, visit the TD-H3 Engineering GitHub repository.

Both TIDSTATION and Nicsure modded firmware for TIDRADIO TD-H3 offer exciting and experimental enhancements for radio enthusiasts. While still in beta, these tools provide new functionalities and customization options, pushing the boundaries of what users can achieve with their radios. As always, proceed with caution and enjoy the journey into advanced radio modifications!


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