After a rain, probably you will hear a buzzing noise from your high frequency receiver. Why is this happen?

Foul weather (rain, fog, snow and hoar frost) can lead to discharges on high voltage overhead transmission lines. These corona discharges result in a broadband crackling noise. In addition in these situations with a low tone at twice the mains frequency there often occurs a further noise component. Such audible noise from high voltage overhead transmission lines can reach locally unacceptable levels. As tonal noise at twice the mains frequency is perceived by the human ear as more annoying and as noise at such low frequencies is less mitigated by building structures this humming component of the audible noise from high voltage lines can cause particular annoyance.

Both kinds of noise are associated with electrical discharges from particular sites of elevated electrical field strength such as blemishes on conductors and other hardware surfaces and – most importantly – water drops.


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