40 meters is where I used to have a conversation my CW buddy. 9M2AR are the station that I used to have evening chats.

Sometimes I need to send CQ to call him and sometimes I just call 9M2AR 9M2AR DE 9M2PJU K.

Recently he is busy nursing his wife and always not in the shack on evening. I called CQ and no one answered.

Till one day where some people came and send PIJU DE PIRATE. I was wondering who is that man?

From the signal strength, I think that he must be within peninsular of Malaysia. From the sending technique, it must be a straight key. From the speed and dit dah ratio, he maybe seldom on CW mode.

Replying a CQ call in CW must started with receiver callsign first and after that sender’s callsign.

This is basic operating procedure. This procedure applied to voice too.

Good practice of operating procedure describes good operator, vice versa. Doesnt matter how expensive the transceivers or the antennas are.

Ethics does matter, not the equipments.


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