Podcasting has become a dynamic and influential platform for sharing ideas, stories, and conversations worldwide. In Malaysia, YouTube podcasts have surged in popularity, providing a unique blend of visual and auditory content that captivates audiences. Here, we highlight some of the top YouTube podcasts in Malaysia that you should definitely check out.

1. Keluar Sekejap

Hosts: Khairy Jamaluddin and Shahril Hamdan
Description: “Keluar Sekejap” is a prominent YouTube podcast hosted by Khairy Jamaluddin, a former Malaysian Minister of Youth and Sports, and Shahril Hamdan, a prominent figure in business and public policy. The podcast delves deep into current affairs, politics, and societal issues affecting Malaysia and beyond. Known for its candid discussions and insightful analysis, “Keluar Sekejap” offers listeners a nuanced perspective on complex topics. Khairy and Shahril’s chemistry and ability to tackle tough questions make this podcast a go-to for those interested in Malaysia’s socio-political landscape.
Link: Keluar Sekejap

2. Zarul Umbrella Channel

Host: Zarul Umbrella
Description: The “Zarul Umbrella Channel” brings a refreshing blend of Malaysian pop culture, music, and entertainment to its audience. Hosted by Zarul Umbrella, a well-known personality in the Malaysian entertainment scene, the podcast features engaging interviews with celebrities, musicians, and industry insiders. Zarul’s charismatic hosting style and genuine curiosity about his guests’ stories and experiences make each episode entertaining and informative. Whether discussing the latest trends in music or exploring the behind-the-scenes of Malaysian entertainment, Zarul Umbrella delivers content that resonates with a broad audience.
Link: Zarul Umbrella Channel

3. Caprice

Host: Caprice
Description: Caprice, a prominent figure in Malaysia’s music and social media spheres, hosts a podcast that combines bold opinions, unfiltered commentary, and insightful discussions on various topics. From current events and social issues to personal development and lifestyle tips, Caprice’s podcast offers a thought-provoking look at contemporary issues facing Malaysians. His engaging delivery and willingness to tackle controversial subjects head-on have garnered him a substantial following. Caprice’s podcast is not only informative but also entertaining, making it a favorite among listeners seeking engaging content with a touch of humor and depth.
Link: Caprice

4. Amelia Henderson

Host: Amelia Henderson
Description: Amelia Henderson, a versatile actress and media personality, brings her charm and wit to the podcasting realm with her eponymous show. “Amelia Henderson” podcast features a mix of interviews, personal anecdotes, and discussions on lifestyle, wellness, and personal growth. Amelia’s warm and relatable approach makes her podcast a comforting and inspiring listen, resonating with listeners seeking insights into living a balanced and fulfilling life. Whether sharing her own experiences or engaging with guests from diverse backgrounds, Amelia Henderson’s authenticity shines through in every episode.
Link: Amelia Henderson

5. The Ming Thing

Hosts: Ming Han and Ming Yue
Description: “The Ming Thing” started as a popular YouTube channel known for its humorous skits and relatable content before expanding into podcasting. Hosted by brothers Ming Han and Ming Yue, the podcast retains the same energy and creativity that made the channel a hit. The duo discusses a wide range of topics, from everyday life and relationships to deeper subjects like mental health and personal development. Ming Han and Ming Yue’s chemistry and humor create an engaging listening experience, making “The Ming Thing” a favorite among listeners looking for entertainment intertwined with meaningful insights.
Link: The Ming Thing

6. BFM’s The Breakfast Grille

Host: Various (Produced by BFM 89.9)
Description: “The Breakfast Grille” by BFM 89.9 is a renowned podcast featuring in-depth interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and thought leaders across various industries. Produced by Malaysia’s independent radio station, the podcast provides listeners with valuable insights into business, economics, and current affairs. Each episode features thought-provoking discussions and analysis, making “The Breakfast Grille” a go-to source for staying informed about the latest developments and trends shaping Malaysia’s business landscape.
Link: The Breakfast Grille

7. Mamak Sessions

Hosts: Jinnyboy and Ryan
Description: “Mamak Sessions” captures the essence of Malaysia’s beloved mamak cultureā€”informal, lively, and full of interesting conversations. Hosted by popular YouTuber Jinnyboy and his co-host Ryan, the podcast covers a wide range of topics, including current events, personal stories, and interviews with various personalities. Jinnyboy and Ryan’s relaxed and humorous style creates an enjoyable listening experience, perfect for unwinding while staying connected with the latest trends and happenings in Malaysia.
Link: Mamak Sessions

8. Usop Wilcha Podcast

Host: Usop Wilcha
Description: Usop Wilcha’s podcast blends comedy, satire, and social commentary, offering a unique perspective on Malaysian culture and current issues. Known for his comedic talents and sharp wit, Usop Wilcha engages listeners with humorous anecdotes, observations, and interviews that reflect the Malaysian experience. His podcast is a favorite among those looking for entertainment that doesn’t shy away from poking fun at societal norms while providing insightful commentary on contemporary issues.
Link: Usop Wilcha Podcast

9. Projek Kecik Podcast

Hosts: Afiq, Bocey, and Shahrol
Description: “Projek Kecik Podcast” features comedic discussions, sketches, and interviews with comedians, actors, and influencers in Malaysia. Hosted by Afiq, Bocey, and Shahrol, the podcast offers a blend of entertainment and insights into the world of Malaysian comedy and entertainment. With a focus on lighthearted banter and witty commentary, “Projek Kecik Podcast” appeals to listeners seeking laughter and behind-the-scenes stories from the entertainment industry.
Link: Projek Kecik Podcast

10. Popcorn Culture

Hosts: Ezra, Jun, and Azura
Description: “Popcorn Culture” explores movies, TV shows, and pop culture phenomena with a mix of humor, insights, and reviews. Hosted by Ezra, Jun, and Azura, the podcast delves into the latest trends in entertainment, offering engaging discussions and opinions on popular media. Whether dissecting the latest blockbuster or analyzing trends in the entertainment industry, “Popcorn Culture” provides listeners with a fun and informative look at the world of movies and television.
Link: Popcorn Culture


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