9M2PJU DX Cluster & APRS IS Server

The 9M2PJU DX cluster server, located at 9m2pju.hamradio.my on port 7300, is a valuable resource for amateur radio operators in West Malaysia, particularly those engaged in DXing. Running on a Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2 in Kuala Lumpur, this server provides a convenient telnet-based DX cluster service. By connecting to the server, operators can receive real-time updates on DX activity, including active DX stations, frequencies, and signal reports. Utilizing this service enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of DXing operations, making it a wise choice for amateur radio operators in West Malaysia. Whether you’re a seasoned DXer or a newcomer, the 9M2PJU DX cluster server offers a reliable platform to stay connected with the amateur radio community and maximize your DXing experiences.

For more info please read https://hamradio.my/menyambung-n1mm-logger-ke-9m2pju-2-dx-cluster-node/

9M2PJU DX cluster MRTG statistics https://hamradio.my/unveiling-the-power-of-mrtg-monitoring-9m2pju-2-dx-cluster-node-statistics/

Introducing the 9M2PJU APRS-IS server, operating on FreeBSD 13 with full IPv6 support and running APRSC version 2.1.10. This server represents a robust platform for APRS enthusiasts across the region.

Powered by FreeBSD 13, this server leverages the latest in operating system technology to ensure seamless performance and reliability. With built-in IPv6 support, it’s ready to meet the demands of modern networking environments, providing enhanced connectivity and future-proofing capabilities.

Ideal for real-time tracking and messaging needs, this APRS-IS server ensures enhanced efficiency and reliability, promising seamless connectivity like never before. Whether you’re a seasoned APRS enthusiast or just getting started, this server provides a robust platform to connect your APRS tracker or igate.

Join the network today and experience the benefits of real-time APRS connectivity. To view the APRSC web status, simply visit http://aprs.hamradio.my:14501. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your APRS experience – connect to hamradio.my now!