Last week was my last eyeball QSO with my friend OM Ian Buffham before he migrates to Thailand. He lived years and years here in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. Alone while his wife is in Thailand running a Thai restaurant.

I invited one of my fellow friend, mutalib 9m2sql to meet ian buffham in TTDI. 
OM Ian is one of my CW friends. We talked in morse code on 20m before and had our first eyeball QSO in Sungai Buloh. 
June 2014 will be his last month living here in Malaysia and after that he will be staying in Thailand with his family. 
In TTDI he had problems putting up the antenna. All he had done were only a wire dipole at his apartments balcony and the view is heading to pasific sea. 
I hope that he can build a perfect radio station on his new home later. Looking forward to work with him later and for sure with his new callsign too. 


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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