Is Windows easy? Yup. So is the Citizen’s Band. The “ease” of using Windows robs you in the long run, though. It robs you of the basic right of a ham to experiment with your own equipment. It robs you by locking up programs in an operating system you have to pay for. And it robs you by being insecure on its most basic level.

And it robs you because you pay for it in cash… over and over.

Linux, on the other hand, fits right in with amateur radio. It was written by someone experimenting with electronics; as an amateur. Applications written for Linux are also usually written by people experimenting; and using their names on an open source copyright as evidence of competence to prospective employers.

Maybe Linux isn’t as easy as Windows… but learning Morse Code or electronics wasn’t easy, either. Linux fits right in with ham radio. I should know… I’m 70 years old and was licensed when I was 14 and I’ve been using Linux since 1994.

Craig K7EXJ


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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