When making CQ call on DX band, usually DX stations will answering our call continuously without any delay. We will hear bunch of audios from many countries.

This situation known as pile up call.

How to handle them?

First we need to know what is terminology of KISS method. Some will spell as keep it short and simple and some will say keep it short stupid!

Read sample of dialog below

A: cq cq this is a
B: a this is b
C: a this is c
D: a this is d

A: b stn, is it correct you are b?
B: yes this is b
A: ok b stn you are 59 over
B: thanks you also 59. Bye.

nothing’s problem with dialog above, but if you are on that situation, you can make it faster than dialog above. For example

A: cq cq de a stn
B: a this is b stn
A: b stn you are 59 over
B: a this is b stn, you are 59 too.

See the differences?

if you are observant enough, of course you can tell other stations report by hearing their first call to you.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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