As an amateur radio, what is our target? Well, everybody has their own target. Some of them wants to

1. Learn something new
2. Improve their skills and knowledge
3. Find new friends
4. Talk to their friends
5. Sell their products
6. Making profit from their events
7. Being glamour and known to all
8. Serve to others on different ways
9. Help on emcomm
10. Just to have their own callsign

It doesnt matter which one is your objective or target. Everybody has their own. But remember amateur radio roots. Being an amateur radio doesnt prove that we are already good and knowledgable. We need to learn more from others.

In the journey of learning, you will found someone that humble and willing to help you, and also someone who being unhelpful. If you means nothing to them, they will ignore you.

Amateur radio in Malaysia are willing to help you on anything if your surname is yang berbahagia, tan sri or dato sri. Thats the natural behaviour of malaysian. Malaysian sticks to obvious.

Malaysian will respect one with harta or takhta. Same goes to amateur radio. The roots are fading, no more exchangable knowledge, no more sharing session. Just clubs with their politics.

Disagreements leading to a new club. If you dont agree with them, you will make your own club, ruling wih your own rules. Blaming other for their ignorant. No use for educating, because they will attack your personal attitude.

Hijacking peoples ideas, events becomes normal here in malaysia. If the authority doesnt blame for what mistakes you have done, you will say that they feared you. Running from problem is the solution for many.

Telling others what you have found for free or on public media is wrong, they must come to you personally. Before the problem is getting worst, you will be the one who run from it. If the problem solved, you will find another way to destroy it. When the wrong being norm nowadays, people will take it as their culture. Backstabbing to be on top means nothing to your religion.

You will say religion and amateur radio is like oil and water, while pinay ham transmitting bible’s recitation on the frequency. You cant not stand being defeated, you will always find other ways to prove that you already won without fighting.

Some people will say that it doesnt matter if you are amateur radio or not, as long as you have a radio.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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