Portable operation is one of the interesting activity for amateur radio operator. Imagine if we go somewhere else far away from city, such as moutainous place, seaview places or to the jungle.

Not many people will like this activity, but some will accept it as an recreational activity or to challenge themselves.

To those who are hikers, or backbackers, they usually prepared themselves with some nessary equipment such as

1. Instant food
2. Fire maker kit
3. Waterbottle
4. Medical kit
5. Map and compass
6. Scouting knife
7. Ponchor
8. Nylon rope
9. Waterproof and sealed secondary clothes.
10. Etc

These item probably the basic must have items, anyone will usually add more as he prefer for the weather or condition he might go.

For ham radio, they usually avoid hardcore condition or weather. But some will take it as challenge. Operating on snowy weather could be a hard to forget memory. I saw a youtube video of steve wg0at who went to moutainous place and operate low power HF and VHF for the SOTA award. He might look old but his spirit is younger than me. He made lot of contact on snowy and windy weather alone. Thou he have some goat friends.

These are basic equipment for amateur radio who working portable

1. A transceiver, low or high power
2. A battery
3. Coaxial cable and ground wire
4. An antenna, usually wire because it is light and convinient
5. A CW keyer or a hand microphone
6. A log book and a pen
7. A shelter such as ponchor or a small tent.
8. Instant food
9. Map and compass
10. a 2 meters handy talkie.

Some places dont have good cellular coverage, so better be prepare with a 2 meters handy talkie. Some interesting awards which gave appreciations to adventurous ham who like portable operation is IOTA, SOTA and WFF awards.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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