For the past yesteryear, i saw a lot of class B operators worked on 10 meters. This is good result showed that class B amateur radio operators utilized their 10 meters band privilege. Even some of them using very low power of transmission to contact with DX stations.

They used Delta loop, dipole, yagi and also magnetic loop antennas. They improvise by building antenna from material that they can easily get such as Aluminium tubes, copper wires, fiber glass poles.

Malaysian class B operator which is 9W prefix always shown on hot callsign list. Their hardworking and self learning effort made a giant step to others who eager to work on high frequency and chasing DX stations.

Nowadays, we can see 9W prefix on DX cluster, hot callsign list and also on Tony’s 10 meters report. Tony’s made a good report on 10 meters thus encouraging other 9W station to work on 10 meters.

10 meters also known as magic band to all DXers is really a magic band. Once the opening has come, you can hear many DX stations calling and CQing. 9W2WWW worked at least 100 DXCC only on 10 meters band. 9W2VXP’s favorite mode on 10 meters is FM while 9W2SBD like to work only with QRP transceivers.

9W operator participation on contest isn’t new anymore, just tune your VFO on 10 meters and you can hear many 9W stations on the air when the contest is on or just visit the contest’s website, look for the result then you will the many 9W station callsigns on the 10 meters band result.

I think we should put the earlier 9W operator who worked hard in the dark days of 10 meters band on the hall of Malaysian 10 meters fame. So the newer generations will know the history on 9W 10 meters operator in Malaysia.

9W paid MYR 24 a years to MCMC, so why not utilize all the bands assigned?


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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