Newly-licenced radio amateur Angel Armstrong, M6APA was the operator, along with her father Eric, M6EKA as her logger, in the recent WW WPX Contest held on March 27-28 2010.

Angel was very nervous as she had only passed her Amateur Radio Foundation licence exam one week before the contest.

After a slow start to the contest, Angel was soon up to speed, keeping her father busy. At times, he was even having difficulty keeping the log up to date.

Angel kept pace with the incoming calls with the confidence of someone with more experience and years.

Their equipment was not at all sophisticated, a TS440 with 10w into a G5RV with a North/ South orientation. But the results for this new radio amateur, operating from her home QTH in Hull E,Yorks, where outstanding.

Results in the WW CPX were:

World 517th out of 1464
Europe 322th out of 738
And in the UK 10th out of 28.
With a total score of 92,700 points

All the members at her local club HADARS – Hull and District Amateur Radio Society are very proud of her achievement. The club meet on a Friday evening 7:30, at the Walton St Leisure Centre in Hull.

Her details at

“hi , my name is angel I have being licensed since the 21st of March 2010. I am 12 years old and i live in Hull in the UK . I have only just come into the hobby of radio and I am willing to take on the hobby and explore even further, I got into the hobby through my dad (M6EKA.) Our working conditions this end are kenwood TS440S. The Antenna is 102 feet G5RV. We also have an ALINCO duel band Radio for two meters and 70cm, for this radio we use a Watson 2,000 duel band antenna. I am also a member of H.A.D.A.R.S. I really enjoy contesting ,Me and my dad are QRP stations and we only work on 10w. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the look up and hope to catch you again on the airwaves. 73s. M6APA”


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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