The IEEE has recently released the new 802.22 standard for Wireless Regional Area Network (WRAN) using white spaces in the TV frequency spectrum.

The IEEE 802.22 standard is designed to provide Rural Broadband Wireless Access using Cognitive Radio Technology.
It uses VHF and UHF TV channels between 54 and 862 MHz and is claimed to have a theoretical range of up to 33 km (20 miles). It is envisaged that subscribers would use directional antennas on the roof.

IEEE 802.22 can deliver a data rate of up to 19 Mbps in a 6 MHz wide USA TV channel. Channel Bonding, using more than one channel for Tx / Rx, can provide greater bandwidth. A single channel might be able to support 12 simultaneous users in the coverage area.

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IEEE 802.22 Presentation

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