Tribute to the RMS Titanic, callsign MGY, with emphasis on the duty of her wireless officers.
They stayed with the ship, sending distress messages, even though released from duty by Captain Smith a few minutes before she went down.

When the water came onto the bridge, and the power failed, they were swept off Titanic and into the icy sea.

Senior operator John “Jack” Philips, just 25 years old died of hypothermia, and Harold Bride aged 21 years, second operator, was eventually pulled from the sea onto an overturned lifeboat.

Despite suffering crushed feet and frostbite, he insisted on being carried to the radio room of the rescue vessel Carpathia, where he remained assisting her operator who was exhausted from working continuous distress traffic and lack of sleep.

Over the next ninety years, radio and morse code were to save countless lives at sea.


An amateur radio operator, military veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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