A DX cluster is a website or telnet service that gather amateur radio communications activity. Imagine a newspaper, which you can read to know what happens on certain places.

Nowadays, this technology help hams to know and planning whats his plan. He can answer any call from any callsign or wait for other callsigns to be on the air.

Some people will choose to not answering the call but just spotting any heard callsign on the cluster. This may sometime will help others.

Someone once spotted me on the cluster as a deaf station. It is because i dont answer his call. One the same time i just dont hear him calling me on the frequency. What will you think about this situation? Am i really deaf?

Misunderstanding situation, yet another killer in this hobby. For me, i just say the band not good that time. Or maybe my equipment is not good as him. I rather take the latter.

Some ham think that cluster ruining the hobby. I dont think so. Anything exist for a reason.

There a lot of benefit from this system. For example, any commercial or government agency can take an advantage from the cluster’s data. Military can generate a maximum used frequency based on amateur radio cluster’s data.

Another example is for emergency services. We can help to spot or to answer any distress calls. Anyone who look at the cluster will alert and can response for further helps.

Time, sun activities, sun spot, frequency, transmitter location, receiver callsign can be a valuable data. Predictions can be made for later communications.

When looking to the DX cluster, im always telling myself that maybe someday, someone will submit a fake info. Just saying.


An amateur radio operator, military veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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