When operating from a base station, we usually don’t use 9m2pju base as our callsign. Just simply tell them this is 9m2pju. We don’t need any extra arguments after pronouncing our callsign

But if you listen to any 2m repeaters, there were some people telling that they are in their bases. Why bother? Just tell your callsign and it is enough to tell anyone that you are operating from your bases. I don’t hear any dx stations saying that they were on their base on 20m or 40m yet.

Unless when they are operating from their mobile station or from temporary station.

How about cw operation? Do you send your callsign and base after your callsign? Like this, 9m2pju/base? Or 9m2pju/b?

don’t be a laughing stock, b means beacon, not base. Just pronounce your callsign and that is enough to tell others that you are operating from your base station. Indeed.


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