Once upon a time, in the vibrant city of Singapore, Gordon, known as G3ZFZ, embarked on a thrilling chapter of his amateur radio journey. Adopting the callsign 9V1PY, Gordon became an integral part of the local radio community.

During his time in Singapore, Gordon occasionally ventured to Melaka, where he had the pleasure of visiting 9M2RH, the 28 Commonwealth Infantri Brigade and Terendak Garrison amateur radio club station. This club station had an impressive setup, including a KW Vespa and a Yaesu FTDX400 radio. To complement its powerful equipment, 9M2RH utilized a Cubical Quad antenna, renowned for its efficient performance and directional capabilities.

The occasional visits to 9M2RH’s station provided Gordon with a glimpse into the diverse approaches and setups within the amateur radio hobby. It was an opportunity to exchange knowledge, discuss radio techniques, and share memorable experiences.

Gordon G3ZFZ, embarked on an incredible journey filled with camaraderie and adventure. As a veteran, Gordon served with 249 Signal Squadron, but his path took him to Germany in 1971, where he assumed the callsign DL5YO.

While stationed in Germany, Gordon found himself immersed in a vibrant community of fellow radio enthusiasts. Although he didn’t recall the specific callsigns mentioned, he formed lasting connections with other hams during his time abroad. One memorable acquaintance was 9M2DQ, James Pershouse, who managed a rubber plantation in Kedah, Malaysia. Their shared passion for radio brought them together, and Gordon made a couple of visits to James in Kedah. Gordon vividly remembered James’ impressive setup, including a Switchable Terminated Rhombic and Drake Gear, which allowed for exceptional signal quality.

In addition to James, Gordon also forged friendships with Dennis Bowden, known as G3PNF, who operated as 9M2NF in Kuala Lumpur, and Tom, known as 9M2GF, who also resided in KL. Sadly, all three friends have since become silent keys, leaving behind memories of their contributions to the amateur radio community.

While Gordon and Dennis hailed from the Royal Signals background, 9M2PO Gordon Foster served as a military policeman. The shared experiences and camaraderie among these radio enthusiasts, despite their varied backgrounds, created a strong bond within the amateur radio community.

Throughout his years as an active ham radio operator, Gordon became a life member of RSARS, proudly holding the membership number 053. Now at the age of 83, he has shifted his focus to the 80/40/30-meter bands, mainly engaging in relaxed and friendly conversations, also known as ragchewing, on 80 meters.


An amateur radio operator, military veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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