Bernard Donders 9M2BD, stands as a significant figure in the annals of amateur radio, particularly in West Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Operating during the 1960s, Donders made his mark from the Kuala Lumpur Officers’ Mess at the Royal Malaysia Air Force Base. With his trusty KW 2000A radio and a formidable 2 elements quad antenna, he embarked on a journey of communication and exploration that left an indelible imprint on the amateur radio community.

Donders’ prowess in amateur radio operation was renowned among enthusiasts of the era. His adeptness with the KW 2000A radio, a popular choice among operators for its reliability and performance, allowed him to establish connections far and wide. From fellow enthusiasts across Malaysia to operators in distant lands, Donders’ signals resonated with clarity and strength, earning him admiration and respect within the community.

Central to Donders’ setup was his formidable 2 elements quad antenna, a marvel of engineering that enhanced the reach and effectiveness of his transmissions. With its array of elements meticulously aligned and calibrated, the quad antenna served as a beacon of communication, transmitting and receiving signals with remarkable precision and clarity. Its robust construction and optimal design made it the perfect complement to Donders’ KW 2000A radio, enabling him to achieve unparalleled performance and reliability in his amateur radio endeavors.

In retrospect, Bernard Donders, 9M2BD, remains a legendary figure in the annals of amateur radio, revered for his contributions, admired for his expertise, and celebrated for his unwavering dedication to the hobby. His exploits from the Kuala Lumpur Officers’ Mess at the Royal Malaysia Air Force Base serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration, innovation, and camaraderie that defines the amateur radio community. As his legacy continues to inspire enthusiasts around the world, Donders’ name resonates as a symbol of excellence and achievement in the realm of amateur radio.


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