In Malaysia, every child’s safety and well-being matter profoundly. That’s why the Royal Malaysian Police, through the dedicated efforts of the Sexual, Women, and Children Investigation Division (D11), in collaboration with Telecommunications and Information System Management and the Corporate Communication Division (KPN), has launched a groundbreaking initiative known as Nur Alert.

👨‍💻 What is Nur Alert?

Nur Alert serves as Malaysia’s official platform to report and disseminate information about missing children and teenagers. Named after the cherished principle of nurturing and protecting our youth, Nur Alert is not just a website but a lifeline for families and communities across the nation.

🌐 How Does Nur Alert Work?

When a child or teenager goes missing, time is of the essence. Nur Alert allows concerned citizens, parents, and authorities to swiftly share crucial information. This collaborative effort is crucial in increasing the chances of a safe and timely return for the missing individual.

🔍 Why Nur Alert Matters

Despite its critical role, Nur Alert remains underutilized among Malaysians. By raising awareness about this essential tool, we empower everyone to play a part in safeguarding our children and teenagers. Every share, every report, and every act of awareness can potentially bring a missing child home.

🤝 Join the Movement

Let’s join hands to make Nur Alert a household name. Spread the word about this vital resource. Together, we can amplify its impact and ensure that no child or teenager in Malaysia remains lost or forgotten.

🌈 Together, We Can Make a Difference

Every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment. Nur Alert stands as a beacon of hope, bridging communities and law enforcement to protect our most vulnerable. Visit Nur Alert today to learn more about how you can contribute to this crucial mission.

Let’s unite in support of Nur Alert and the Royal Malaysian Police’s unwavering commitment to reuniting families. Together, we can bring missing children and teenagers’ home, where they belong. Share, inform, and act today for a brighter tomorrow.


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