Andrew ZL3DW build an application which converts ADIF to Excel and then Excel to KML file. This plots your worked Callsigns (if the Maidenhead grid or field is known) on to Google Earth.

In Google Earth, you get a yellow pin showing the callsign. If you click on the pin you get QSO details and zoom into the grid square.

What the Program Does:
What it does is take a ham radio log in standard ADIF (Amateur Data Interchange Format) that most electronic logs support and turns it into a Microsoft Excel File. Then it turns the Excel file into a Google Earth .kml file. When you load the KML by double clicking the file, it will automatically start Google Earth.

The KML file will display all log entries that include a Maidenhead Grid reference as a yellow pin on the Earth. Each yellow pin displays the callsign of the station and is centred in the centre of the grid square. If you click the yellow pin, you get a text box showing the QSO details. A double click zooms in so that the grid square fills the screen view. If you are very lucky you might even spot the station’s Yagi antenna!

The Excel file can also be used for analysing your log using Excel’s math and chart functions. For example a plot of the beam heading for each QSO. The program calculates the latitude and longitude of each station that has a Maidenhead grid square listed in the log entry.

Harald DL1HW wrote the original ADIF to Excel code but  Andrew modified it a lot. He was very pleased with Andrew’s additions and listed the resulting program on his club website. He is happy for Andrew to list it on Andrew’s club website as well.

If you list the software, Andrew only request is that you include a note on the download page crediting himself (Andrew Barron ZL3DW) and Harald DL1HW for the work. Please also state “License: GNU GPL The code is free. If you want to use the code in your project it should be free as well”.

You must have MS Excel to use the program. It has not been tested using any other spreadsheets.
You need to have or download Google Earth (It is free)
Your log must support ADIF format (or you could enter the data into Excel by hand)
Your log must have Maidenhead grid squares in 2, 4 or 6 digit format. eg, RE or RE66 or RE66hm (preferably 6 digits). Again these can be looked up on or the Internet and added manually to the Excel file.
QSOs without grid references are ignored as there is no way to calculate the location.

License: GNU GPL
The code is free. If you want to use the code in your project it should be free as well.



Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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