Amateur radio usually use CW and SSB As their favourite operating modes. But some of them also operating digital modes such as PSK or RTTY.

I saw digital modes are interesting to try. But you need to have a proper equipments too. A computer with soundcard or an interface to the transceiver.

My friends also bought a compact digital modes encoder/decoder. China hams are good on this. They made that device and sell it cheaper than others.

It is suitable to use it on field day and also on emergency purposes. If you can communicate on voice, try digital.

As far as i concern, it will consume a space if you use computer on your shack. Nowadays, a computer besides radio is normal. We can do logging, cluster spotting and also digital mode encoder decoder.

If you are operating on the field? The choice we have is getting a small computer such as netbook or a laptop. Smartphones also good. Iphones and also android phones got many apps for ham radio. Digital modes, logging and also radio controlling.

Some will stick will old fashioned way, logging using books. We must remember that a UTC timewatch is important too. Otherwise you will end up with errors when you are QSLing.

In field day activity, we must take care our digital equipment and yes, our tranceivers. Dont let your stuff getting wet. Make sure you have enough power source to operate all stuff. A backup battery must remain in full capacity.

Be prepare for any condition. If you are chasing for DXs, make it short and simple. But remember, most of big dxpedition operating modes are CW, second are SSB.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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