These are my favourite cw paddle. I use them a lot. My most operating mode now is cw, without cw paddle you can also send morse code using computer as keyer. But i dont have that privilege. So i stick to the old fashioned way.
Some of cw operator owns an expensive paddle. Begali can be describe as a ferrari for cw paddle while others can be a mercedes, bmw or a wheelbarrow.
Depending on their pockets. My own opinion is i dont care any brand or how expensive the key are, but how you manage to utilize the key.
Some of them are having a cw key just for taking photos. A cw key on a shack seems to be cooler than a mic alone. Bringing a cw key to an amateur radio booth is a must.
Practice makes perfect. Dont fear of making error. Others will understands you.
As we learn how to send and receive morse code, some maybe still struggling to learn the code. If you are not serious to practice, you will be left behind them.
Even though the code test already gone in most countries, cw will remain on the air forever. Be yourself. If you dont like cw then stay out of it. Owning cw paddle without using them is pathetic.


An amateur radio operator, military veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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