CW operation not so popular here in Malaysia. although we still have cw examination here, the population of cw operator is still little compared to other countries. The most factor was ham radio population in Malaysia is not big as our neighbor, Indonesia.

But Malaysian ham radio operator is still the winner if we compare to Singaporean hams. But we lose if compared to Indonesian hams.

if you listen to 40 meters, you will hear Indonesian hams on almost range of freqs.

The popular freq for Malaysian hams was on 7130khz and 7043khz. Before 7043, I was told that 7040khz was favourite spot for Malaysian ham in year 90s.

Back to the topic, Some more reasons that Malaysian is still lack of CW operators were

1. Afraid to make first on air cw contact
2. Do not know cw prowords and abbreviations
3. don’t have supportive friends
4. Do not have cw keyer
5. don’t want to operate cw at all

In Malaysian cw test, there is only alphabet and numbers and only one or two character such as period and commas.

To be a cw operator, we need to learn cw prowords, punctual letters and also cw abbreviations.

for sure it takes time to learn all this, especially if we don’t have any reading resources.

Friends can help friends, just find suitable and experienced friends and learn from them.

we need to learn walking before running.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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