Dyndns.com provides free DNS, email, domain registration and virtual servers since 1998. Dynamic DNS Free service or a domain registration with Dyndns.com premier Custom DNS service, DynDNS.com provides an easy way for visitors to reach your content hosted at home or the office. This gives you the opportunity to become a self-reliant author, affording you complete control to offer whatever content you wish to the world at large. They also have interesting domain name for ham radio which is ham-radio-op.net

Dyndns allows users to have a subdomain that points to a computer with regularly-changing IP addresses, such as those served by many consumer-level Internet service providers. An update client installed on the user’s computer, or built into a networked device such as a router or webcam, keeps the hostname up to date with its current IP address. DynDNS also offers paid domain registrations, recursive DNS, e-mail forwarding and redirection, SSL certificates, network monitoring, URL redirection, and Virtual private server hosting. For more information about Dyndns, please go to http://dyndns.com


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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