1. Factual errors: The “police radio” in McClane’s NYPD car (and a few other official vehicles in the film) was actually a ham radio. It was an ADI model AR-147 FM transceiver. It was tuned to 144.330 MHz which is an amateur radio frequency in the two meter band. Except for extraordinary emergencies, that band is not used for law enforcement communication.
  2. Factual errors: The frequency seen programmed into the NYPD unmarked cruiser police radio is 144.33 mhz. That frequency is assigned by the FCC to ham radio operators.
  3. Factual errors: The CB radio frequency is 66.6 but CB radio is in the 27MHz frequency. 66.6 would be in the broadcast TV portion of the spectrum.
  4. Factual errors: Downloading 500 Terabyte of data via USB connection would take at least 100 days, but in the film it takes less than 2 days.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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