Talking about ham radio and social life reminds me to a meaning of life.

From wake up in the morning to going back home, funny things, saddest things, love, hatred and also forgiveness.

Being a ham radio operator doesnt mean that you need to sacrifice your social life. If you mix your ham radio knowledge and apply it into your life, sometimes it become happier than before.

But everything need a limit. Balance, modest and sometimes robust. We don’t easily mix ketchup and pepper into our meals. We need to taste it.

Life sometimes can be hard to some people. Sometimes they want others to follow them but on the same time they insist to follow anyone.

Call it as give and take. Too much of gives can be harmful to someone and too much taking can also destroying.

Try to find monkey and talk to him 24 hours a day, I bet it will running away from you.

I always reminding myself that I am learning and always learn as long as I’m alive.

Reading, asking and watching is basic techniques to learn. We don’t even need to pay anything to learn. Well, depends on your situations.

Remember, we have learnt electricals, electronics, physics, science from ham radio. But don’t forget that we also incidentally learnt human physiology.

Appreciate yourself and your beloved ones.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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