Package: hamexam
Priority: extra
Section: hamradio
Installed-Size: 7372
Maintainer: Debian Hamradio Maintainers
Architecture: all
Version: 1.0.1-1~lucid
Depends: evince
Filename: pool/main/h/hamexam/hamexam_1.0.1-1~lucid_all.deb
Size: 743070
MD5sum: 9cdc41c0ad70a5cae8a75ebad263efff
SHA1: c867c6897f13d4fe6f78bcee0974f71fbb810d88

Description: Study tool for USA FCC amateur radio (ham) exams.
hamexam is an interactive study tool for the 3 USA FCC amateur radio
(ham radio) question pools.

The 3 question pools are:

t element 2, Technician Class (entry level),
g element 3, General Class (also requires element 2),
e element 4, Extra Class (also requires elements 2 and 3).

Questions are chosen randomly from the selected pool.
Incorrect answers cause the question to be asked again later.
Licenses are issued by the FCC, but exams are conducted by Volunteer Examiners.
For more information about USA amateur radio licensing:


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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