Ham Morse allows you to practice morse code on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is designed particularly for Ham radio operators and others who wish to achieve or maintain a high level of proficiency in this classic mode of communication.
You can practice morse code created from the following:
  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Callsigns
  • Punctuation/Prosigns
  • All (Alphanumeric and punctuation/prosigns)
  • Top 100 and Top 500 most common words
  • RSS Feeds


The code is sent using the Farnsworth timing, at speeds at or below 15 words per minute (wpm) the characters are sent at 15wpm with extra space added to slow the overall speed down to the target speed. Above 15 wpm the actual code timing is used. Currently the application goes from 5wpm to 25wpm with an audio frequency of 750Hz used for the code. Note that an update has been submitted to the App store that will allow the application to go up to 50wpm This should be available shortly.
You can practice a variety of sets of characters from individual random letters all the way to the current news stories from around the world. The available letters can be customized on the settings page and provide groupings similar to those used in the Koch and Candler methods.
There is a callsign setting to allow you to practice receiving random amateur radio callsigns, a mixture of letters and numbers (eg AA9PW, G1SNT) that often prove troublesome when learning the code. A punctuation setting provides punctuation and standard morse code prosigns. The top 100 and 500 most common words are included, this is a great way to start to recognize whole words the key to really improving your speed. Finally a selection of RSS news feeds from around the world are included to provide the opportunity to copy real sentences and keep up with the news at the same time. Note that the RSS feeds will only work with an active network connection.

Additional features:

  • You can pause and restart the code if you interrupted.
  • If the phone rings while you are practicing, the code pauses so you can take the call
  • You can show or hide the text as it is being sent.
  • Its styled much like current amateur radios – black plastic case with an orange backlit screen


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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