After passed amateur radio examinations and get yourself a ham radio callsign, you must be excited to put up an HF antenna at your living places. What if your living places owner say NO ? you must be dissapointed. You got your own HF radio, cables, antenna and other accessories, but they say NO ?

I say NO too, yes NO. No it is not the end of your ham radio activities yet. You can still enjoy your hobby, experimenting and do like others do.

A ham radio operator should improvise. If your house or apartments management says NO for you to install outdoor antenna, maybe you can try other things such as indoor antenna. I’m not encouraging you to transmit with high powers if you use such as indoor loop antenna. It is dangerous and you may have other problems too.

If you house got attic, you can try to put up a dipole or windom antenna. But remember, you may encounter with RFI problems. So beware.

If you want to enjoy ham radio activities to the fullest, why dont you setup a portable HF station outside your living places. Go to a nearby park or camping sites, setup your own stations and you can still enjoy HF communication with DX stations.

But remember, the more the merrier. Bring along your families or friends and go to an island for a holiday is better than sitting alone near park or camping sites.

Or perhaps you can participates in ham radio field day activities. That is better, you can meet lots of new friends and gain knowledges from them too.

Me myself not an active ham radio operator, but i enjoy myself by reading ham radio books, magazines, and ham radio news over the internet. Sometimes i pay my visits to ham radio related events near me. For me, ham radio is not about having 24/7 QSO on the radio. There is a lot things to do. Things that matter to me is how to improve myself, learn new things and gain something. To be a better me.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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