CW and ham radio cannot be seperated. There are lots of CW impact on ham radio culture. 

Marconi first experiment crossed Atlantic ocean using wireless were using CW and his transmitted signal was the letter S in Morse code. 
Marconi was an Italian physicist who become radio pioneer after learning from German physicist, Heinrich Hertz. 
CQ for example, taken from CW abbreviation. Nowadays ham radio uses CQ to call anybody around the world eventhough they called it on voice or digital modes. 
SK in CW abbreviation means end of contact. Ham radio often use SK or silent key to mention other ham radio operator who already passed away. Although that person never operates on CW mode. 
Most of developed countries already abolished CW competency test but most of ham radio operators from developed countries still prefer CW mode to reach DX stations especially during contest. 
Ham radio operator should improvise. During disaster, emergency communication using radio is the best and reliable medium. 
We cannot deny that Phone operation will speed up communication and it is the best way to communicate. Well it depends on the one who are holding the mic too. But if your microphone is broken during that time, Knowing CW to send messages is very helpful since most modern transceiver supports CW mode.
So dont put yourself in comfort zone. To ham radio youngster like me, i would like to fullfill my eager young mind with anything. Just learn CW. It will not dissapointing you. 


An amateur radio operator, Royal Signals veteran, jack of all trades and master of none.

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