First you need to download trustedqsl application

  1. for windows
  2. for mac
  3. for linux (please check your distribution, ubuntu and debian has their own packages for tqsl)
Install and you need to create a cert request file. Then you need to send the request file to the certificate issuer. 
Open TQSL cert and generate you first cert.

Enter your callsign, dxcc entry and also QSO begin and end time, or just leave blank for end time. Do not use the default QSO begin time, you need to edit this value.

Enter your email address

Enter password to protect you private key for this cert.

Check Unsigned, and save you cert (.tq5) file to your computer. Now your first certificate request file is ready to be send.

For more information about logbook of the world (LOTW), please read



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