The following persons are eligible to apply for the Singapore Amateur Radio licence, which is issued by the Infocomm Development Authority (iDA).

1. Residents of Singapore:
– Citizens
– Permanent Residents
– Work Permit / Employment / Dependant Pass Holders

2. Temporary Visitors holding a foreign amateur license

For persons who are required to pass the iDA’s written Radio Amateur Examination (RAE), the syllabus of which, can be found in the Radio Amateur Handbook published by iDA.

Exemption from the Electronic Theory portion (Part II) of examination is available if you have a:
  1. recognised degree in Communication / Electronic / Electrical Engineering with study topics covering the syllabus of the RAE.
  2. City and Guilds of London Institute Radio Amateur Certificate.
  3. valid Radio Radiotelegraph Operator’s or a Radio Communication Operator’s Certificate of Competency issued by iDA.
  4. Reciprocal licensing is available to expatriate radio amateurs residing in Singapore who have passed the RAE in their home countries. 

    For Singaporean citizens and permanent residents, he application for amateur radio license is done online. You will need a Singpass to log in. The website is

    General Informations

    Examination will be held once per month on the second Saturday of the month from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm. The registration form for the Radio Amateur Examination can be downloaded from IDA website @

    Candidates must score at least 60% in each of the two sections to pass; failure in either section entails failure in the examination as a whole.

    Exemptions from Radio Amateurs’ Examination:

    1. City and Guilds of London Institute Radio Amateur Certificate. (Part I only).
    2. Valid Radio-communication Operator’s General Certificate of Competency issued by IDA.
    3. Valid 1st or 2nd Class Radiotelegraph Operator’s Certificate of Competency issued by IDA.
    4.  Amateurs who have valid Amateur Radio Licences issued by a competent authority and possess radio amateur qualifications which are acceptable to IDA1.
    5. A recognised degree or its equivalent in Electronics/Communication/Electrical Engineering which covered the subjects contained in Section II of the Radio Amateurs’ Written Examination. (Exempted from Section II only).
    IDA has removed the Morse code requirement for HF amateur radio operations with effect from 15 September 2003. As such, the Practical examination on Morse code is no longer required for new applicants for Amateur Station (General Class) Licence. The Written examination is conducted by Singapore Amateur Radio Transmitting Society (SARTS) on behalf of IDA. If you have the original copy of your exam result slip from the last century, it’s still valid.

    Examination Fees:
    1. Fees payable by full-time secondary, pre-university, Institute of Technical Education, and tertiary students in Singapore $20
    2. Fees payable by all other persons $40
    Class of License:
    • After passing the Written Examination, the candidate may apply for General Class or Restricted Class Amateur Station Licence.
    • The Restricted Class licence permits the licensee to operate only on the VHF/UHF band allocated to the Amateur Service. The station shall transmit on F3E or A3E.
    •  The issue of the licence is at the discretion of IDA and it is not bound to grant an Amateur Station Licence to any applicant and assign any reason therefor.

    Station Licence Fees
    1. General Class: $50 per annum
    2.  Restricted Class: $25 per annum


    Application for Amateur Station License (for Visiting Hams)….uideAmateur.pdf

    For Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents, the application for the Amateur Radio Station Licence is done ONLINE.

    Technical Specifications for Ham Equipment….AR_(Jul_05).pdf

    Registration for Radio Amateur Examination….cheme/EA100.pdf

    Amateur Handbook (All the legal stuff you need to know about becoming a Ham in Singapore)….eurHandbook.pdf

    For more info, go to

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