This modification of the Icom 706 MK IIG ( At Your Own Risk! ) will enable wide band transmit capability on
HF, VHF and UHF bands. When modified the radio will also transmit AM mode in the aircraft band with approximately 1 watt at 118 mhz to about 17 watts am carrier at 136mhz.

Wide band transmit mod for the IC-706 MK II G requires removal of diode D.2030.

1. Remove top cover to access main board.
2. Locate IC chip 4052C-8B99.
3. Orient the radio so that you are reading the chip number from left to right.
4. Look just left to the left of the chip to locate 11 solder pads running vertically.
5. Diode D.2030 is the tenth diode down from the top of the solder pads on USA version radio.
6. Remove diode.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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