Just an idea, not going to be as good as real hardwares. But, to those who are living in limited space and prefer software than the hardwares, i’m sure this is the best for you.

Lets get in to the idea, this is how it will be going.

Tools :

  1. An iPhone or iPad
  2. iRig Mic
  3. VocaLive app for audio processing
  4. an iBox from W2IHY

What you need to do is,

  1. Connect the iRig Mic to your iPhone or iPad
  2. from the iPhone or iPad, connect the output to the iBox 
  3. from the iBox to the transceiver
  4. configure the VocaLive app to the best result for your vocals.

Let see what is iRig Mic all about,

Get details about iRig Mic here http://www.ikmultimedia.com/irigmic/features/

p/s: eSSB Hi Fi
sounds ominous. These terms can be somewhat confusing since true “Hi-fi”
is an old stereophonic audio term referring to true High-fidelity audio
– e.g. 20Hz ~ 20kHz of flat frequency response with very
low Total Harmonic distortion (THD) and good
Signal-To-Noise (S/N) characteristics. By this definition, any Amateur
Radio transmission (SSB or AM) hardly qualifies as absolute true Hi-fi http://www.nu9n.com/essb.html


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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