If you are looking for mobile application for your mobile phone, i’ ll suggest to go for kirostudio apps.

They are offering free, source code included applications.


1. Foxrate – Currency Exchange application for mobile devices (cellphones and PDA). Supports updating currency rate from remote server, requires at least MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.1.

2. Kirodict – Kirodict is a mobile lightweight dictionary application which runs on JavaME compatible devices.Kirodict does not store the word definition on the phone itself, rather it retrieve the definition from an RFC2229 compatible dictionary server via the internet. Kirodict is designed to be customizable, in which it can be expanded to include other dictionaries without increasing the size of the application itself.

3. MobiBMI – A mobile JavaME application that calculates Body Mass Index (BMI)

4. Mobimoon – Display Moon Phase and Hijri date in your mobile phone (J2ME / JavaME)

5. Mycallsign – A mobile phone application which simplifies the task of looking up Malaysian Amateur Radio callsign while on the move. The user only need to key-in the ham callsign that he/she wished to enquire, and the application will automatically display the relevant information related to the hamradio operator.

6. Notehax – NoteHax is a simple Note application for mobile phone. It is compatible with any JavaME compatible phone that supports at least MIDP 2.0 / CLDC 1.0 specification. NoteHax supports sending notes to other phones via SMS and ) Bluetooth (later, on supported phone) Tested on Nokia S60 3rd ed, Sony Ericsson Z and K series and Nokia S40 3rd ed phones

What are you waiting for ? go to http://kirostudio.com/ now!


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