I have a 30 amp EMI filter on my shack.It can help reducing noise from the  powerline.
It is so hard to find a 30 or 20 amp, but 5 amp is everywhere. you can use it as well.
This EMI filter is the last line filter before the AC reach my power supply unit. Before this EMI filter, i also have 2 separate line filter.
AC wall socket -> surge protector plus line filter no 1 -> automatic voltage regulator -> surge protector plus line filter no 2 -> EMI filter -> power supply unit
To reduce RF noise, nothing much you can do except for using a loop antenna, building a RF ground, get an AF DSP filter or other noise cancellation product such as BHI or MFJ.
But remember, better safe than sorry. Dont forget to pull out your socket when you are not at home. Prevention is better than cure.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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