Sooner or later, every Morse operator will have the pleasure of meeting a fellow telegrapher who sends very economic code: Without spaces.

This is not only annoying, it can lead to severe misunderstandings. Don’t believe me? Let’s have a close look at it!

A small Perl script was written to find out “dupes” among the most common words of the English and German language, when sent without spaces. There are more of them that you’d think!

Here’s the Perl script: mindthegap (3 kb)

Some of the shocking results:


dienst = bereit, ferne = elend, frust = erlebt, funk = element, kenia = cdu, match = goethe, minister = greifen, patient = panik, planen = anlegen, proteste = probem, rtl = ard, total = mord, venedig = einnahme, virus = stille, zahlen = geliebte


entire = all, midwest = greatest, pension = prison, threat = defeat, thursday = birthday, widow = pretty, women = joke

Full lists: GermanEnglish


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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