Morse Machine teaches Morse code using a tried and tested technique called the Koch Method.
Instead of encouraging you to memorize the dots and dashes for each
letter and number – a bad practise that usually results in an inability
to receive at faster than about 12wpm – Morse Machine sends quickly
enough that you have to learn to recognize the sound of each
letter, right from the start. The slowest it will send is 20wpm, so once
you have learned the code using this program you will be able to
receive at that speed – fast enough to QSO with 80% or 90% of stations
on the air! The only ability you need is a reasonable familiarity with
the computer keyboard, so that you can quickly press the right key for
the character you heard.

You can choose to learn letters only, numbers only, or a combination
of letters, numbers and symbols. Morse Machine sends a character and
then waits for you to type what you heard. If you get the character
wrong it repeats it until you get it right. You start off with two
characters, and when the program sees you are copying them correctly it
adds another, and then another, until you are accurately copying the
whole alphabet, numbers and punctuation characters! As you correctly
read each character, the green bar above it goes down, so that you can
easily see which characters are causing the most difficulty.


  • PC running Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP or Vista.
  • Sound card configured as default wave output device.

Morse Machine also runs very well under Linux using wine.

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Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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