We usually heard some station saying 9w2xxx portable or 9w2xxx mobile.

first he said that he is mobile and then when he stopped his car, he said that he is portable.

Did you know that mobile station is still mobile station. No matter on the move or not.

the correct term for a car that is not moving is stationary mobile. Not portable.
since portable usually used for a temporary station for example a station under a tent or a chalet that was not owned by the station himselves.

Second situation is when using a handytalkie. If we are walking from a to b while talking to a handytalkie, the correct term is walking mobile or pedestrian mobile. No matter what type transceivers we are using. usually battery powered devices. But if we use handytalkie inside our shack, It is still a base station. Do not use 9w2xxx portable on base. that is absolutely wrong.

Mobile doesnt mean moving by a car. Mobile definition is movable. Same like mobile phones. Phone that movable. Not physically wired to any link.

We need to learn basic of procedure words such as

1. Mobile
2. Stationary mobile
3. Portable
4. Walking mobile
5. Pedestrian mobile
6. Aeronautical mobile
7. Maritime mobile
9. Parachute mobile


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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