You said people are wrong, and you are right
Your hobby is not from your race, country but you HESITATE to learn or use English language
You are fanatic about phonetic alphabet  you hesitate to use MALAYSIA instead of MIKE
You told that you are competent and experienced than others
You told that you are empty, but you hide something
You use people to gain title in society
You told kids to use bla, bla, bla eventhou you know that kids is broke
You answered so, so answers to those who asked you politely
You told that building a club is making a border, but then you said you cant be friend with bla, bla, bla since he/she is in the different clubs. 
You told that “clear” is use to end up transmission, but then you use “over”
You keep saying that homebrew, DIY is good to newbies, but you dont ever know how to build an antenna
You told people that you own certain frequencies, and prohibiting anyone to use that frequencies 
You said that modern technologies are sucks but then why you use a cell phone ? searching info on ?
You told the world about amateur radio, but you don’t even know about electronics, transceiver, law and regulations.
You think like typical countrymen, but you don’t event know the meaning National Principles
You scolded newbies to show people that you are strict and loyal
You told people that you are a victorious in your past years, then what is your contributions to your country ?
All people are stupid, because they dont know how to bla, bla bla since you do
All people suck because they use certain frequencies, and you use another frequencies
You told overseas station that you are a Malaysian, a Muslim. You do ? do you follow National Principles ? since you work for government, are you really a Malaysian ?

to be continue..

Life is a non-stop education for us. dont think you are hustler, if you are muslim, people will still teach you how to answer a question even when you are already dead


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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