After i read my friend’s post about flag6.pcap at UITM’s I-hack 2010, i wonder how can i find the answer which is “ariebelisthehottestfemaleparadin”. Yes i am a n00b, newbie, stupid, dumb or call me whatever you want, but as a human, i’m eager to find out about this too ( and to make sure that my friend doesn’t lied to me 🙂

mission: to find out either he is a liar or not
tools: whatever you want, hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, microscope, soldering iron, etc
situation report:

reading the pcap makes me laugh. cepedek tul.

huh ?

baseball ? base64 ? base station ?

friend, are you sure this is a picture ?

ok, then make it a picture

damn, i thought it was a lunamaya’s or cut tari 🙁

meaningless ?

i dont know about this before. seriously

the n00b way to solve the codes. no one lied to me.

so, i can stand down now ? no need to command any units, because im here alone but with many supportive friends around me 🙂


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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