We-Travel is a free navigation software for java enabled mobile phones, based on map data from Open Street Map.


* Track recording
* Fully customizable map, skin, menu and theme layouts
* Possibility to visualise raster maps from various sources
* Track graphs showing track overview, speed and altitude profiles
* Possiblity to download rich POI descriptions from Wikipedia, Wikitravel, …
* Online/offline reporting of speed camera’s or your favorite places
* Enhanced reality POI superimposition on camera image (on selected phones)
* Satellite view, along with the sun, the moon and major star constellations
* Possibiliy to develop additional screens as plugins
* Possibility to follow a pre recorded track
* Support for Garmin and TomTom POI formats
* Uploading and sharing of track on the We-Travel website

You can use We-Travel with your built-in GPS or bluetooth paired GPS devices.

We-Travel is FREE, OFFLINE navigation for JAVA enabled mobile phones. i think this is the first and only. To learn more about We-Travel, go to http://we-travel.co.cc/joomla/

Lets contribute to open street map to help We-Travel get a better map for Malaysia.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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