QRP means low power, low powered station. it can be a question, answer or a statement.

What do i think about QRP operation ?


  1. you can save your power source
  2. required no large space for the equipment
  3. safe condition to tune your radio to the antenna, so the reflected power will be less reflected to your radio
  4. enough for CW operation
  5. to test your newly build antenna
  6. new experience trying on the lowest power and how far you can good. you need to jot all the info such as solar flux, sun spots, antenna, geographical area, humidity, moisture, surrounding area and etc for further studies.


  1. you cant go anywhere when the band condition is bad. just hope for the magic happens.
  2. if you are on SSB, sometimes people will be not listening to your signal
  3. some said that “it is 1mw per miles”, so if you are running on QRP all you can do is wait for the good propagation and magic will be happen.
  4. for emergency operation, power is critical. if you are calling for help on QRP radio, some people will hear you and some people will not hear you. all you can do is pray.
  5. you need to have a proper antenna tu radiate your signals. quad is better i think.
  6. proper grounding needed.
  7. you need to make a cable loss check to make sure your QRP transmission are truly transmitted, else you signal will be loss on you transmission cables.
  8. some people who live in a good soil conductivity places will giving you a good report on the operation. if you are living in a city, surrounded with transmitting towers, power lines your report will be not the same. 
  9. if you are on SSB mode, i think a pre-amp will help to boost your voice to your radio.
  10. you need to operate at good place for better result. where less interference, power lines, metals, etc.

High frequendy operation is not like VHF operation, you rely on the propagation, your surrounding area, you equipment and etc. There is not somekind of skills can improve this thing, skills is not like that “got money, buy a radio, wait for the band open and transmitting low power”. skills is like, how you build you antenna, how you make your proper grounding system, and how you manage the pile up stations. Maybe i’m not a perfect writer, i think i left some words here. if you know, please comment and share what you think.

It is all about you, and it is all good. Amateur radio is a unique hobby, some said that amateur radio is a serious business.


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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