A teen in Kuala Lumpur makes friends over the airwaves with a ham in United States. An aircraft engineer in Washington participates in an annual contest and exchanges call signs with hams in 100 countries during a single weekend. In North Carolina, volunteers pass health and welfare messages in the aftermath of a hurricane. 9w2wtf developed a JavaME apps for Malaysian ham callsign, repeater database, doing dxing on his freetime, 9w2oza exchanging his QSL cards with other overseas ham, 9m2get enjoying morse code with 9m2out, his wife. 9m2ody with his home brew HF helix antenna on his mobile, 9w2rut, 9w2tpt with their APRS devices. wb6acu also enjoying ham radio and music too, performing as a guitarist for EAGLES, kb1ooo with his iditdah, snappy, iphone apps. kc2uhb with her fashion and science at makezine.com. F0Fak with his livecd based on linux. 9m2dx / wt3e running Centre for Wireless and Radio Science (WARAS) at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia. Fox hunting, Ahh, to much to type lah.

This mix of fun, experimenting, do-it-yourself, electronic hobby, public service, friendship and convenience is the main feature of amateur radio. The true origin of the term “ham” seems to have been lost, but there are several theories. It may simply be a shortcut way of saying the first syllable of amateur radio, or it may have originally been used as an insult. Hams start out in amateur radio for many reasons, but they all have in common a basic knowledge of radio technology, computer, electronic, electrical, regulations and operating principles.

In Malaysia, we have a few amateur radio clubs. MARTS, MARES, ASTRA and more. Sharing our passion, building new circuits, making friends true the airwaves, etc etc.

Then, Why Not ?

73 de 9w2pju

Malaysian Amateur Radio Station


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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