Talking about CW and women operator, i remember only few hams that i worked before.

To find women CW operator is same like searching for a diamond in a basket full of glass.

I remember that i worked 9M2OUT who operating as 9M2SM last year, and then YD1NAA. Both on the 40 meters band. The last YL operator who operates on CW mode that i worked was Maria YO3FRI.

I saw her callsign few days before on the DX cluster but i never think that she will check-in to my DX net on 17 meters band.

Women CW operator is very rare, if you want to find women CW operator the best place to find is in Russia, Romania, Germany, Ukraine and also Indonesia.

Most YL who entered IARU’s High Speed Telegraphy Championship was from Russia, Germany and Romania.

Take a look at these videos,

So, women can operate Morse Code too. Can you ?


Amateur radio operator from Malaysia

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