CQ Serenade

Its probably the first-ever ham radio song.
Its title is CQ Serenade and it was composed by the late Canadian musician Maurice Durieux VE2QS.

Durieux was orchestra conductor employed by Radio Canada who had emigrated from France. Assisting Duriux in the creation of the song was F9KT.

There have long been audio versions floating around the
World Wide Web, but now there is a C-Q Serenade music video. Actually there are two – one in English and the other in French, with ham radio related scenes cut to the beat of Duriux’s 1960s song.

They were created by Alberto Urano Silva, LU1DZ, of Adrogue, Argentina, and have been posted to the YouTube website.

Download CQ Serenade MP3 file – bandwidth and space courtesy of 9W2WTF


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